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KM Wehrstein

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I would like to personally invite you to join with us, because when it comes down to it, reincarnation as a theory addresses questions of a deeply personal nature and the greatest personal impact. On August 16, 2000, I sent up a desperate cry in the night as I lay in bed: "I just want to KNOW!" The next morning I had my first adult past-life experience. I started ICRR for everyone who, like me, just wants, and needs... to know. And to share the knowledge we gain scientifically with the whole world. Please join us.

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Michael Nahm, PhD
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The ICRR is important because it will play a crucial role in uniting researchers and creating an overall research strategy. It will also be instrumental in reaching the public, informing them about the newest developments. We need such a concerted approach to advance the study of reincarnation cases.

It is encouraging to see and be part of an organization with plans to expand the scope of research beyond the pure facts and into the meanings: the role of adults' and children's past-life memories in healing, how past lives can influence our present personalities and relationships, and the implications of the types of cases researchers traditionally neglect. As well, the ICRR promises to become the best information resource on reincarnation both for scientists and for the public.

Carol Bowman, M.S